Monday, July 20, 2009

Georgian Bay - Northeast Hawk Island

After stopping on Blockbuster Island for a break and to climb up to get a great view of the islands, we headed out in medium wind/waves to Northeast Hawk Island.

We saw three bays on the North East Hawk island:
  • On the NW side: We couldn't land there because of the waves and large boulders everywhere. Later, we spotted two campsites up the hill from there.
  • On the SE side: very exposed to the winds-waves, didn't bother trying to stop there
  • On the NE side: large bay including small sandy beach.

We landed at the northern most tip of the islands. From here we had access to only one fairly slanted campsite on the point, or the option of walking around the island to reach the 2 sites accessible from the NW bay.

One look at following picture will tell you which campsite we chose. Needless to say, we didn't sleep very well that night!

Impressive pressure ridges could be found in many areas on this island, as can be seen in these pictures.

Georgian Bay sunsets provide incredible picture taking opportunities. Judge for yourself...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are both very couragous! I admire your sense of adventure and your strength physically and intellectually. I shall remain an avid reader and fan. The photography is inspiring and very professionaL.
Congratulations to you and your partner.

Lise C.

3:58 AM  

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