Sunday, July 19, 2009

Georgian Bay - Philip Edward Island (The Sequel)

We finally made it back to Georgian Bay again!!! Last year we circumnavigated PEI, this year we set out for the more remote islands in this area.

We stopped at the Park Office to pay for parking ($52 for 4 nights) before loading up both kayaks at the put-in on Chikanishing river.

The element of surprise from discovering a region for the first time wasn't there this year. Neither was the dynamics of participating in an organized tour. Instead, it was more of a relaxing paddle in a strikingly beautiful area (at least that part hasn't changed).

We camped on Etches, Northeast Hawk and South Fox islands this time around. Click on map below for details.

I'll create a separate post for each one along with pictures, see postings above (sorry but it's going to seem to be out of order, from bottom up instead of top down).

We cut our expedition short by one day due to the certainty of rain. If it had been on any other day than our last one, we would have put up with it as we have in the past.

Low on gas, we stopped at Killarney Outfitters to fill up then headed into Killarney village for some world famous Fish & Chips before heading back home.

Now that we've statisfied our urge to go back to the bay, we're now thinking of Les Bergeronnes, north of Tadoussac on the Saguenay fjord for our next expedition.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful Pictures!
If you are still thinking about a trip to Tadoussac, I highly recommned staying Mer-et-Monde. It is rustic camping (wood platforms) right on the water. You can see the whales from shore! Amazing! It is car camping but feels so you can bring everything you want...but it feels like kayak camping!

2:38 PM  

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