Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Philip Edward Island - Georgian Bay (Near Killarney)

Last summer, as we circumnavigated Philip Edward Island, we camped on Rattle Island, along (West or East) Desjardin Bay, on Hinks Island, in Mill Lake Bay then back to western edge of Philip Island (near Rattle Island). See Georgian Bay - Philip Edwards Island for more details.

We're planning on going back to this area again this summer and would like your comments, suggestions, information, photographs, etc...particularly regarding the following islands in terms of the view, geology, ease of putting in/out and the quality of campsites:

Starting 1 to 3 miles East of Rattle Island:

- Crab Island
- Le Hayes Island
- Solomon Island
- Low Island
- Blockbuster Island, with two apparently excellent viewpoints

then along a 1 to 2 miles stretch South-West:

- Fox Islands (East, Center, Sly and West)
- Martins Island
- Hawk Islands (Northeast, Middle and Southwest), with apparently interesting pressure forms in the rocks
- Green Island (not to be confused with island with same name in Mink & McCoy area)

Then about 2 miles farther west:

- Scarecrow Island

As far as I can tell, there is one, maybe two private island(s) in this area (Lowe Island and a small unnamed island directly west of it).

Any information would be greatly appreciated as we start planning this expedition. Simply add a comment to this post to provide me with your feedback.


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