Sunday, February 02, 2014

Finally Some Fresh Snow!!!

Officially 18 cm of snow fell on the Ottawa area. The Gatineau Park, being further north of the weather system, got somewhere between 10 to 18 cm.

Got to the trailhead by 9:10, already a half dozen cars in the parking lot by then. Headed up Blanchet to the split at Wolf's Trail.

No one had gone up the left side yet so I ventured onto the virgin powder. Wasn't too long before I started crossing joggers and othe snowshoers. 

This was probably the first time I snowshoed the blanchet/wolf trail in a clockwise fashion. 

As expected, it was a bit easier/quicker than counter-clockwise.  

Took 2:50 start to finish, with a 0:10 break to enjoy the view at the Tawinda lookout. 

That direction was about 0:20 quicker than usual. 

I still prefer the challenging climbs in the counter-clockwise fashion.

Another great day in the park...