Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bald Eagles North of Ottawa-Gatineau

Not far north of the Ottawa-Gatineau area, majestic Bald Eagles have been nesting and reproducing for at least the past two years. According to the Wikipedia map showing the distribution of the Bald Eagle, this area would be north of the Resident - Breading zone, and at the lower end of the Summer Visitor - Breading Zone. This would explain why their nest has been torn-down during winter months (click on any picture to see full-size).

By approaching slowly and quietly, it's possible to spend a considerable amount of time observing the eagles at a distance without disturbing them.

The opportunity to see such a majestic bird from so close is great experience.

Of course, when someone gets too close for comfort or makes too much noise, the inevitable happens, ending the experience with an impressive finale.

What a sight!


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nice shots!

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