Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fluffy Conditions on Trail #71 in Gatineau

Directions: Highway 5 North until it joins Highway 105. Turn left at traffic signal and left again after 1.5 km onto Cross Loop Road. Parking lot #15 (P15) will be on your right after 2km.

From P15, a gradual 1km climb on Trail #70 awaits you before reaching Trail #71.

Trail #70 is fairly wide, looks like it serves as an access road during summer time. Today the snow was compacted on this trail from the numerous hikers and snowshoers. This section of trail #70 offers a very nice view of the adjoining valley.

After 1 km on trail #70, you reach an intersection with trail #71 on your right.

Trail #71 is more interesting as it cuts through some natural sections of the forest. Conditions were nice and fluffy with what looked like only a half-dozen snowshoe tracks before us.

After 1km along trail #71, you reach a rest area with a fire pit and two park benches.

There seemed to be a supply of wood under a plastic tarp, and I noticed a shovel and axe hanging on a tree nearby. We had to turn back at this point after a quick snack and didn't stick around very long.

I definitely want to go back to trail #71, it seems to compare well to trail #74 (see previous post), one of my favorite trails so far in the Gatineau Park.

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