Saturday, May 19, 2007

4th Kayak Outing

Lac la Peche in the Gatineau Park. This time of year, do not venture unless you have a full can of Deep-Woods Off!

This was a recon-mission to survey the 12 camping sites on lac la Peche, to see which ones would be good choices for kayak-camping (most sites are ideal for canoe-camping).

Perfect weather, about 72 degrees F. blue sky, lots of sun, little or no wind.

Note to self: before driving 45 minutes to get to kayak put-in, confirm you have your kayak paddles! Where was my brain this morning :-(

2nd Note to self: don't foget first note to self, or else you end up driving home & back to lake for 90 minutes while you wife fights off the black flies and overdoses on Deep-Woods Off!

We found every site except #1 (didn't bother heading back, can't reserve this site) and #9 (we though it was an abandonned camping site). While many have a rocky shoreline, we found a few that were relatively kayak-friendly (sorry but were not going to tell which ones, don't want you competing for these spots with us).

Looks like this area got hit by a tornado last year...

Took us 3 hours to tour the 12 spots (including getting out a few times), not including the 90 minute detour back home to get the paddles!

All in all, we're really glad we we didn't bail out on this, it was a great outing.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the sandy campsites knob. Great blog.

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